Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes...or Came

Wow!  We had some powerful storms rip through the area last night, thankfully we are safe as are our loved ones. On the sad side, there are neighborhoods not to far from us that have been completely destroyed in addition to the massive damage done to the airport.  My parents were on their way home from dinner when the tornado rolled through...less than a mile from where they were.  My mom doesn't like driving on the highways at night and so she opted to take back roads home; we are so glad she did because they would have been right by the airport as the tornado hit.  Too close for my comfort!

The girls handled the weather fairly well, we kept their minds off of the commotion with a Busytown video.  Charles of course had to go out and watch the storm toll through, I went out for a few minutes...long enough to see the clouds on the West side of our house swirling South and the clouds on the East side swirling North, then the wind came, knocked out power to the street lamps and sent them leaning.  I was ready for us to head to the basement.  The National Weather Service is saying that this is the worst storm we've had in over 40 years, thankfully no fatalities have been reported and only a few injuries.  It's amazing and a major blessing!  Mother Nature is a power force, I hope this is it for a while.

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