Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting back into the groove

I've been back at work for two days now (well, today was my third) and I feel like I am settling back in fairly well.  It was great on Sunday not feeling the overwhelming anxiety and doubt that I had at this time last year, I was a little nervous and sad since the last two and a half months home with the girlies has been wonderful!  But I was also excited to set up the classroom and implement some of the new ideas I have had tucked away since the Spring.  The challenge this year is that I am preparing the classroom on my own as my wonderful assistant had surgery last Thursday and won't be back until the first day of school on September 6th so I am down two extra hands but I had plenty of help moving my furniture back into the room and getting my cubbies moved into the closet which has freed up a lot of space in the room and has allowed me to really spread things out.  I did a lot of cleaning and organizing, and now I am working on materials.  This is a little tricky because I'm not sure where my friends from last year who are returning will be when they come back and I don't know where my new friends will be either, so I am putting out materials knowing that I will probably have to revamp the first few weeks as I get to know everyone.  Next week on Thursday and Friday the three children who will be new this year will come and visit for about an hour and a half just to get familiar with me and with the school, I think I am only going to have a few simple materials out so that they are not overwhelmed by decisions.  If the weather is nice we will probably take a short walk as well, though I was disappointed yesterday when I went into the woods to find items for my nature basket and discovered that the trail behind the playground was blocked by a huge tree that had been uprooted at some point during the summer and the path was overgrown with plants and weeds.  I am hopeful that this will get cleaned up before school starts or I may have to invest in a machete and take care of it myself.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress

Handwashing Stand and one of the practical life shelves, there are two more to put out.

Language Shelves
Reading chair and Sensorial Area
Transferring activities and small motor activities
Clothes Washing and Handwashing Stands
I hope to have most of the materials put together by Friday or Monday, I am so excited for the children to be back!