Friday, April 22, 2011

Might as well face it I'm addicted to blogs

It's true...I think I have a serious problem that may require intervention.  I am becoming addicted to blogs.  Not so much blogging on my own (because there's probably not anyone reading it anyway) but I love discovering what others are writing about, especially Montessori ones.  It started when I was looking for some inspiration for school and Googled "montessori toddler blogs" and I stumbled across Montessori Mama and spent an entire evening reading through all of her posts, then I started going through her links of pages that she followed.  There are so many wonderful, creative and inspiring blogs that I am finding each day, and they aren't just about Montessori, I found one that had a link to a woman who has organized a project to send boxes to children in Japan with school supplies and kind notes as well as boxes of supplies for adults that are living in shelters.  Boo is always wanting to do bake sales for different efforts so I thought between my desire to declutter the house and our desire to help others this would be perfect as the woman is actually just wanting people to share things that they may have in their house rather than going out and buying items.  We have a ton of school and art supplies around the house that I want to do something with and now I have an outlet...yey!

I also found a blog yesterday, also Montessori related that had a post featuring a quilt that had been made by my friend Amy over at Magdalene.  The blogger was in Australia and Amy is here in the States, I thought it was so cool that a random site that I stumbled upon had a connection with me's a small world after all.

If anyone happens to stumble upon my blog and has some wonderful ones to share, I'm always looking for a good read!

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