Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Riding the Storm(s) out

We're having some wicked weather today, woke up to some strong rain and hail which amazingly Boo slept through, I think this is only the second time in her eight and a half years she has done so.  Belle ended up in bed with us but since it was already after 5 it wasn't such a big deal.  The rest of the day was sunny, hot and humid; I wasn't sure how to dress for work today as it was a bit chilly this morning after the storm rolled through but by lunchtime when I took one of my half-day students out to go home I was sweating!  The girls also dressed for cooler weather so both were ready to put on some summer clothes when we got home.  Of course I had to deal with the pre-storm worrying from Boo and a little from Belle though I think she sometimes worries only because her sister does. 

We have been talking a lot about not worrying about something until it happens and that in this case, not even worrying if anything happens (like tornadoes) because we can't do anything about it anyway.  Boo has an obsession with weather and natural disasters so while she loves reading anything about it, there is also a lot of concern that goes along with it when we have severe weather.  Ever since the tornadoes struck on New Year's Eve in South County she has been even more worried anytime the word is mentioned, and it doesn't matter if they aren't for around here.  Two weeks ago she got herself worked up because there was a tornado warning for Illinois and she was worried that it would hit her Aunt and Uncle's house.

So tonight we went out and watched the storm roll in, it was actually pretty neat as the sky went from white to grey to blackish green.  Boo kept asking if we could go inside but then she would decide she wanted to stay out.  We had a nice brief downpour and Belle decided to do some dancing, finally Boo joined her and decided that she liked the rain after all.  When the trees started bending sideways we decided to go in...and that's when the hail started.  Pea sized at first then finally quarter size, anxiety started to grow so we turned on The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a distraction and I ran out to pick up a few pieces of hail for the girls to see, they were impressed.  Finally the storm blew off to the East leaving behind sunshine and a rainbow; a beautiful finale to an impressive show.  I'm hoping that we can keep getting Boo more comfortable with storms so that she will realize that we can be watchful of the situation but not be overrun with fear, I think today was a good experience!

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