Thursday, April 7, 2011

In the Windy City

Here I sit in bed (a very comfy one I might add) in Chicago this evening missing my girlies.  I was invited to come and observe at Gateway Montessori School on Chicago's North Side tomorrow and it turned out that Charles had some work to be done up here as well so we left the girls in the capable hands of their Bubbie and Zayda (my mom and dad) and are now here to do some work and enjoy a little get away as well.  I am very excited to observe tomorrow, I always love to see how others set up their classes and what materials they have available for their children.  Then we are going to have dinner with one of our friends who I used to play hockey with, I am looking forward to seeing her; it's been a few years so there is much to catch up on.  I also really want to go to iCream which is an ice cream shop where the ice cream is made fresh while you waiting using a flash freezing method.  You can choose ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet or even pudding and they can make any color, most any flavor you can think of and then you can mix in ingredients.  I am an ice cream addict so of course I must try it!

The only downside is that we are staying out in Downers Grove and according to Google Maps, my drive to the school tomorrow will take about an hour with traffic and even though I know my way around Chicago (well, I can get to most ice rinks anyway) driving up here makes me nervous, not knowing where I am going makes me nervous and the fact that I will have to deal with rush hour traffic and rain tomorrow on top of all of that makes me REALLY nervous but I'm sure I'll find my way...eventually...

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