Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Road Trippin

We got home from Cleveland late last night, what a great trip it was.  As nervous as I was about taking the girlies on a trip sans Daddy I quickly discovered that they are ready to handle road trips...and long ones at that.  We broke up the drive up into two days spending the night in Dayton on Thursday but yesterday we were determined to get home in one trip.  So 11 and a half hours later we walked into our house exhausted but happy to have shared this time together.  It was neat for me to have this special "girl time" with Boo and Belle, we took our friends DVD player, lots of books, magazines, toys and art supplies to make time pass quickly and not a complaint or "Are we there yet" emerged once.  Well, there were a few "Are we there yets" but they were from me : )

Boo and Belle have not seen their cousins Sam and Meredith since they were 4 and 1 respectively and Belle had never met her Aunt Nancy and neither girl had ever met their Uncle Ron so it was a weekend full of reconnecting.  The girls are smitten with their cousins and Meredith's boyfriend Andrew and we are trying to work out logistics to get them down to us for a while this summer.  It was so much fun watching them play on the beach and on the trampoline but it was also so sweet to see two teenagers shower so much affection on two younger girls.

We made some wonderful memories this weekend, the time went by too quickly but now that we know long car trips can be tolerated hopefully it won't be five years before we can make the trek up North again.

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