Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Breaking

We are on Day two of Spring Break, other than me locking us out of the house as we were trying to get to the library things have been calm. We have been blessed with some beautiful weather so far and so we have spent a lot of it outdoors. Belle has officially figured out how to ride her bike sans training wheels which is exciting, she needs help pushing off but even that she almost has the hang of. Boo of course is tearing around the parks and the neighborhood at break-neck speed, to think last summer we had to fight with her to even get on her bike...confidence is a powerful tool. Once my mom came to our rescue we made it to the library where I paid my ridiculous fine (not ridiculous that they charged me, rather the fact that Boo reminded me on Thursday to renew the books online and I still managed to forget and with 16 books at 10 cents a day for three days overdue...well, you do the math) and we had a nice lunch together.

The girls go between playing nicely and getting on each others nerves, I am working very hard not to step in unless absolutely necessary, I worry sometimes about Boo bossing Belle too much but I think we are finally at the age that Belle can advocate for herself. It's hard though when I hear them fighting, I am a "fixer" by nature as well as an only child so I always feel like I have to step in but I'm learning that like with the children at school, unless they are getting ready to hurt one another (and thankfully the girls don't do that) they need to learn how to resolve conflicts between themselves and see if they can come to agreement mutually. It's a dynamic I just don't always get.

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